Time well earned deserves a destination for time well spent.
A place where nature and champion level sportsmanship coexist;
Where seasons change and paint a new landscape,
like the fall of a fresh dew creates the portrait of a new day.

Be it the desire to relive fond childhood memories,
or to create new, the place is here…

 Muy Grande Ranch & Resort is located in Northeastern Michigan, approximately 20 miles west of Rogers City, MI and Lake Huron.

With 2000 wooded acres, 2 small fishing lakes and a pond, Muy Grande Ranch & Resort is truly that ‘special place in God’s country’.

Muy Grande Ranch & Resort is handicap and wheelchair accessible for those who may need. Our Grand Lodge and new wing’s 3 levels are accessible by elevator service and we have drive up ability to our whitetail hunting blinds.

Muy Grande Ranch & Resort is proud to be continuing partners with The Path Foundation and Foundation for HopeThese non-profit organizations provide World-Class Trophy Whitetail hunting opportunities for individuals with life altering conditions.